March 27, 2020

…it can be deduced that the lethality rate of COVID 19 is considerably lower than 1%
…this suggests that the overall clinical consequences of COVD-19 could ultimately be similar to that of severe seasonal flu, which has a lethality rate of around 0.1%, or pandemic influenza such as that of 1957 or of 1968, rather than those of SARS or MERS, characterized respectively by a lethality of 10% and 36% and which, incredible to say, did not produce any alarmist campaign in our country.
…Italy has halved the number of beds for acute cases and intensive care, from 575 per 100,000 inhabitants to 275 today. A scandalous cut of 51%, operated progressively from 1997 to 2015, which brings us to the bottom of the European rankings.
…very little has been done in Italy to prepare for the epidemic…
…it would be appropriate before identifying the primary cause of death in COVID19, carrying out the necessary pathological investigations and, above all, defining a standard to be applied throughout the national territory.

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Prof. Giulio Tarro, a world-renowned virologist who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015, a former pupil of the father of the polio vaccine Albert Sabin, he was the one who isolated the cholera vibrio when the epidemic broke out in Naples.