April 15, 2020

The decline in new infections and deaths in Germany has nothing to do with the lockdown, but with the natural course of each epidemic and, of course, with the conventional defenses taken, such as hygiene, testing and quarantine.
Sweden’s figures underline the veracity of this thesis… Despite the absence of a lockdown: no sign of “exponential” growth in deaths. … In addition, more people will be immune in Sweden at the beginning of the next virus season than in Germany. Overall, Swedish politics seems very rational and unexcited.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) suddenly came up with scenarios that predicted at least 300,000 German deaths. Three days later, the lockdown decision followed. So far, around 3,000 people with Covid19 diagnosis have died in Germany, and this number is unlikely to rise significantly. The gigantic prediction error of the RKI, to repeat the central point, has nothing to do with the lockdown, because its effects can only be seen in death rates in mid-April…

Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg

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