April 7, 2020

Lockdown is going to bankrupt all of us and our descendants and is unlikely at this point to slow or halt viral circulation as the genie is out of the bottle.
New evidence has emerged from China indicating that the large majority of coronavirus infections do not result in symptoms… Figures suggesting that around four in five coronavirus infections caused no illness.

Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist and honorary research fellow at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said the findings were “very, very important.” …this suggests the virus is everywhere. If—and I stress, if—the results are representative, then we have to ask, ‘What the hell are we locking down for?’”
Jefferson said that it was quite likely that the virus had been circulating for longer than generally believed – read the abstract

Dr. Jefferson was right in the past about the swine flu: No pandemy and ‘A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic’…