March 26, 2020

I’m not a friend of lockdown. Anyone who imposes such a thing must also say when and how to repeal it. Since we have to assume that the virus will accompany us for a long time to come, I wonder when we will return to normality? Schools and daycare centers cannot be kept closed until the end of the year. Because that is at least how long it will take us to have a vaccine. Italy has imposed a lockdown and has had the opposite effect. They were very quickly at their capacity limits, but did not slow down the virus spread within the lockdown at all. A lockdown is a political measure of desperation, because they think that coercive measures work better than the use of common sense.

…I think it is absurd to have a nationwide lockdown. Do you want to prosecute anyone who goes out with their dog?

…I do not believe that the border closures can stop the virus. This is political actionism.

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Prof. Dr. med. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association

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